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Our Process

From concept to completion Aqua Blue Pools of Atlanta firmly believes communication with our clients is critical from start to finish to ensure a successful outcome. We walk our clients through homeowners association approval and permitting all the way to start-up and our instructional meeting. Below is a map of how we achieve this.

  1. Consulatation

    An in home consultation is critical to assess the construction site and the clients desires. We are able to be sure the two are a match and offer alternatives where need be. We do this by asking the critical questions and LISTENING to our clients desires. we want to get as much information at this meeting so we can design a pool with the customers desires first. Not just what we can sell them. Things our clients may want to gather for this meeting are a site plan for the property and a septic plat if applicable.

  2. Design and Presentation

    From the information gathered during our consultation we put together a design and proposal that meets are clients needs both financially and aesthetically. When we come to an agreement a 20% deposit is paid at this time. Click here to see examples of design presentations

  3. Pre-site Meeting

    Once we have an approved permit we start the process with a pre-site meeting with our clients. At this meeting the pool is laid out and we review all design and functionality aspects of the pool in its completed form.

  4. Excavation, steel and plumb

    This is the first step in the actual construction process of the project. Aqua Blue Pools will dig, Install the steel rebar skeleton of the pool and plumb the pool during this phase. A 25% payment is due at the initiation of this phase.

  5. Shot-crete

    During this phase we will be installing the concrete shell of the pool. This phase has concrete trucks and a pneumatic air pump rig on site so we may need certain access points such as driveways cleared at this time. A 25%payment is due at the initiation of this phase

  6. Tile and Coping

    At this stage Aqua Blue Pools will be Installing the preselected tile and coping by our client Onto the pool. A 15% Payment is due at the initiation of this phase.

  7. Decking

    this phase is where Aqua Blue Pools install the decking selected by the client such as pavers, flagstone or concrete. A 10% payment is due at the initiation of this phase.

  8. Interior Finish

    This stage is when we install the interior finish to the pool. Whether it be a pebble finish, aggregate finish or a plaster finish this is the last major phase of the project. A 5% payment is due at the initiation of this phase

  9. Startup and instructional

    This is where Aqua Blue Pools takes the time necessary to teach our clients how to run and maintain their pool.

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